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Franz Georg Fackenberg

Names:                 František Fackenberg
Time/location:  *20.6.1904 Vienna
                                †2.4.1972 Slovakia-Bojnice
Comment:          Architekt, auch in der Tschechoslowakei tätig.
Biography:         Study: to 1930 technical university Brno. 1930-38
                                Projektant at the building firm Zlín, 1938-45 employed in Bojnice at the
                                company Bata, starting from 1945 in Banská Bystrica with the district center
                                for care of monuments and nature protection. Concerned with public
                                buildings (among other things development of the old bath in Bojnice; Zoo
                                ebd., draft), houses (e.g. types of in and two-family houses for the
                                company Bata, 1939-43 realizes in Zlín and satellite cities), restoration
                                (among other things lock Bojnice) and documentation (mapping the historical
                                architecture of the mittelslowakischen district).
                                    In 1933 he held the construction supervision for three four-family house
                                in the Bata colony in the Swiss Moehlin.
                                KLACNO: Forestry house.
                                PARTIZÁNSKE (ehem. Batovany): Single hostel for the company Bata.    
                                RÁZTOCNO: Forestry house.
                                SVIT (ehem. Batizovce): Hotel Spolocenský cathedral of the company Bata,
                                1942-43 (with Miroslav Drofa).

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